A Blessing: for when you are living a nightmare

When fear lodges in your throat

When anxiety crouches at your feet

When the monster of what if sits on you chest

May you stay present to what is, not catastrophizing

When you are holding on to the end of your rope

When you cannot see a path forward, a way through

May you refuse to assign meaning or outcomes in the messy middle

When you feel the heat and destruction of the raging wildfire

When you are drowning in the crash of the tsunami surge

When you are toppled by the violent winds of the hurricane

May find your anchor and hold tightly

In the heartbreaking pain of separation and loss and grief and death (after death and death)

May you close your eyes and receive the gift of rest

In the failure, disappointment, misunderstanding and closed doors

May hope slip between, a hedge of protection around your heart

In the loneliness and isolation

May you have comfort 

In the midst of the devastating and extraordinary

May you have the strength to do the ordinary and daily

As you crawl through the now to the next…

May peace encircle you

And may you be held by the arms that are able to hold what you cannot

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