On the Threshold…

The change of seasons, liminal spaces and being on the threshold– all of these transitional moments are opportunities for reflection, reassessment and reconnection. 

Next week begins the liturgical season of Lent; this is a time in the church year that commemorates Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness and that we use to prepare our hearts and minds for the journey through Holy Week into the celebration of Easter.  

As we stand at the threshold, ready to step into a new liturgical season, take a few moments to reflect on what has been. The church year begins with Advent– the season of light. This is the first of the six liturgical seasons.

In December we lit candles in anticipation of Jesus’ birth. In January, with the celebration of Christmas and Epiphany, we celebrated the star directing seekers to Christ remembering that God’s epiphanies (revealing) can come to any and all of us. Often God chooses the vulnerable, outcast or overlooked to bear witness to God’s majesty and mercy.

While we always bear the light of Christ in the world, as the stretches of daylight lengthen, we now celebrate that we are part of the growing light in the world.

  • Have you had an epiphany (a revealing of God’s presence or direction) experience?
  • Thinking about the Christmas to New Year to now new month of February progression, where have you experienced a brightening or darkness receding?
  • In what new way have you experienced God’s presence and care for you over the past few months?
  • How have you brought the light of Christ to someone in the past months?
  • What do you hope for or need most in the month of February?
  • How will you pray about your hope/need in the coming days?

The season of Epiphany concludes with the scripture story of Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus at the temple to be dedicated. With Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, we recognize Jesus’ embracing of his call to ministry and the temptation and preparation he faces.

May this threshold to Lent be a time of reflection and receiving the light. 

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