But what do I get from a Soul Care Conversation?

This time of sacred connection is an opportunity to receive compassionate care as we get curious about your spiritual life; a focused time intended to raise your consciousness around the alignment of your beliefs and your experience. As a spiritual friend and guide, our conversation will give you clarity, courage, and confidence for navigating the unfolding of your life. 

My current clients include women and men, ranging from Gen Z to retired Baby- Boomers. The fit between director and directed is essential for a meaningful experience. These conversations are designed to serve your needs and schedule, and I work with a wide range of meeting rhythms– from a monthly conversation that is part of a routine of spiritual disciplines, to a short-term set of weekly meetings to process a specific spiritual harm, to a quarterly check-in.

What is soul care (or spiritual direction)?

Most basically, spiritual direction is a conversation focused on your relationship with God; a time dedicated to listening for God together. 

As a spiritual companion, my role is to hold space for you to share your deepest sense of self and to discover what you already know to be true as it relates to your experience with God. This can take shape in a variety of ways based on both what you need and in terms of the gifting and approach of the spiritual director. 

What is your approach to soul care? 

As a spiritual director, I offer structure and accountability. Together we create a safe space that is focused on things that are most significant for the soul work of this season in your life, and often through our conversation together, I am able to notice and reflect the things you are sharing in away that allows a significant question to emerge that you then have the opportunity to work with. 

What will the time together look like?

A soul care conversation will generally begin with an opportunity for you to reflect on what is drawing you to this. Why are you interested in spiritual direction? What are you pondering or wrestling with currently? Building from your responses, we explore questions and strategies to engage in the spiritual work, moving towards holistic well-being. 

Interested in connecting? You can schedule your first session here.

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